Knowledge for Neonatal Nursing Practice, A self-directed learning programme

Unit 1 Introduction and objectives
  Introduction and objectives
Unit 2 Knowledge for care of the healthy neonate and family
  unit 2a 2a Normal Fetal development
  unit 2b 2b The normal pregnancy and assessment of fetal and maternal well-being
  unit 2c 2c Adaptation to extra-uterine life
  unit 2d 2d Overview of Normal neonatal physiology
  unit 2e 2e Assessment of the healthy newborn baby A) Assessment b) Screening
  unit 2f 2f Care of the healthy newborn baby
Unit 3 Knowledge for care of the high-risk neonate and family
  unit 3a Abnormal fetal development
  unit 2b The high-risk fetus and pregnancy
  unit 2c Problems with the normal adaptation to extra uterine life
  unit 2d Newborn resuscitation
  unit 2e Specific problems of prematurity
  unit 2f Assessment of the neonate for compromise
Unit 4 Conclusion
  conclusion Conclusion and evaluation
  evaluation Evaluation questionnaire

The content of this Learning tool has been written by Julia Petty
(Previously Senior Lecturer in Neonatal Studies, School of Health Sciences, City University London)

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Evaluation Questionnaire


The author would like to acknowledge and thank Drager Medical and the Neonatal Nurses Association for the Educational scholarship award 2009 and their support in innovation for neonatal education


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