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hands hygiene disposal of sharps sharps injury temerature recording blood glucose monitoring abdominal examination breech birth shoulder dystocia paediatric basic life support
specimen / swab collection male catheterisation student guide to simulations perioperative care cannulation and venepuncture cardio pulmonary resuscitation measuring cvp blood transfusion fundoscopy - ophthalmoscopy
blood pressure measurement korotkoss sounds tutorial obstetric ultrasound communication use of hearing aids aseptic dressing technique suturing phonetic alphabet sounds and videos MRSA swab working in mental health
spirituality and medicine healthcare associated infection anaphylaxis child perioperative care chapters 1 and 2 child perioperative care chapter 3 child perioperative care chapter 4 goal setting goal negotiation dignity in care videos
oral hygiene in clients with dysphagia behind closed doors neonatal nursing practice            
Communication in Mental Health Assessment Resources for tutors
communication in mental health assessment communication in mental health assessment communication in mental health assessment communication in mental health assessment psychotic symptoms feedback opportunities tutor guide to using short videos assessing risk in sau
OSCE Session Briefings and OSCE Examiners' Guide
OSCE examiners briefing 3bi osce examiners briefing 3bii examiners guide OSCE 3B MP3s:
osce examiners briefing 4bi osce examiners briefing 4bii examiners guide OSCE 4B MP3s:
examiners osce briefing 6bi examiners osce briefing 6bii examiners osce briefing 6biii examiners osce guide 6b MP3s:


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